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High-speed electric vehicle


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  • Specification Code:JY 高速电动汽车 (EEC M1 认证)
  • Specification Description:JY-M1
  • Left rudder/Right rudder  
    High-speed electric vehicle
    electric car
  • JY-M1
    Size 2998*1478*1555MM
    Motor Power 32000W
    Battery specifications
    speed 130KM
    recharge mileage 180/300KM
    Specifica tionL(mm)2998
    Maximum speed(KM/H)130
    Driving range(KM)180/300
    Driving range(KM、High Ver.)310
    Battery charhing timeSlow charge(6h)
    Mode(Sport/energy saving/high efficiency mode adjustable)
    Chassis steeringDriving modeFF
    Front suspension typeMacPherson independent suspension
    Rear suspension typeMulti-link independent suspension (with stabilizer bar)
    Type of assistanceElectric power
    Wheel brakeFront brakeVentilated disc
    Rear brakeDisc
    Parking brake typeElectronic parking brake(EPB)
    Front tire specifications165/55 R15
    Rear tire specifications165/55 R15
    Aluminum rim
    ESP Electronic Body Stability System
    ABS anti-lock