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byd seal ev 2022
byd seal ev 2022
byd seal ev
byd seal electric car
byd seal 550km

BYD seal

BYD Seal
On July 29, 2022, BYD officially announced the official guide price of its SEAL. The new car launched a total of four models, namely the 550km standard battery life rear-drive version elite model, 550km standard battery life rear-wheel drive version premium model, and 700km long battery life The version with four-wheel drive and the 650km four-wheel drive performance version. Prices range from 209,800 yuan to 286,800 yuan. At the same time, BYD also announced as many as five listing rights. It is reported that the delivery of the new car will begin next month.

New car highlights

· Based on BYD e platform 3.0 technology

Adopting the design concept of "Ocean Aesthetics"

· The body size surpasses the Tesla Model 3 in an all-round way

· There are three battery life models to choose from, with a maximum battery life of 700km

Adopt CTB battery body integration technology

New car introduction

In terms of appearance, it is built based on BYD's "Ocean Aesthetics" design concept. The short front overhang and long rear overhang make the SEAL look very sporty. The boomerang-style headlight design is easily reminiscent of a series of ultra-luxury models known for their performance, such as the Porsche Taycan (parameter|inquiry). Below the headlights are two diversion grooves decorated with LED light strips. This diversion groove can not only cool down the front braking system, but also light up the LED light strips to increase the sense of technology.
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BYD new energy vehicles

The pre-sale of BYD Seal ( picture | configuration | inquiry ) has been going on for some time. The new car is positioned as a medium-sized pure electric car, adopting the latest family design of BYD Ocean series. Since the pre-sale, the car has attracted the attention of many consumers, and there are even rumors that the pre-sale orders for the car have exceeded 110,000 units. So, what is the product performance of the car? Let's talk about it in detail today.

Looking at BYD Seal at first glance, the most intuitive feeling I get is that it is unique. The design of the wedge-shaped front, with a pair of sharp big eyes of the lamp group, the progressive concave diversion grooves on both sides and the hollow front lip under the blessing of the blackened kit create a very strong sense of movement.

Viewed from the side of the body, BYD Seal outlines the body lines very smoothly. The design of the hidden door handle can reduce a little air resistance. The staggered 19-inch rim shape matches the Continental SportContact™ 7 series tires, focusing on sports with performance control fetal. There is also BYD's logo on the front fender, marked with BYD design (BYD design). The small triangular window on the C-pillar is also slightly decorated in a floral style, injecting a touch of agility into the sense of technology and modernity.

The overall size of the Seal is 4800x1875x1460mm, and the wheelbase is 2920mm. Therefore, when I saw the shape of the tail light like a Mobius ring, I was a little surprised. The 1875mm car model is already very wide. For reference, the car width of the BMW 3 Series is 1827mm, and the car width of the Model 3 It is 1850mm. The strong horizontal visual impact is still very good, and the diffuser is made of obsidian kit, with the diversion grooves on both sides for combing the air, which is particularly recognizable.

Sitting in the car, the performance of the whole car is very good. The upper half of the door trim is covered with suede, the lower half is covered with soft material leather, and the central control is also covered with suede. The 15.6-inch floating large screen is paired with a multi-function steering wheel, which looks very technological. The air outlet of the air conditioner is shaped like a"Y"design, which traverses the entire central control.

The multifunctional steering wheel is covered with leather, the left side is the intelligent auxiliary control area, and the right side is the control of multimedia, telephone, and instrumentation. The mirror-finished BYD LOGO in the middle has a really good texture.

The gear lever is designed with a crystal gear lever, and you can easily shift gears with a slight push back. The front is also equipped with a placement area for wireless charging of mobile phones. The only downside is the piano-painted panel, which is prone to fingerprints.

In terms of seats, the seats of the seals use diamond-shaped stitching seats, and the blue and white color scheme is very flattering, which is in line with the aesthetics of many young people.

The overall padding is also very soft and waxy, 12-way electric seats, seat heating, and ventilation are all available.

In the rear row, the performance of the 2920mm wheelbase has been fully released, it is very spacious, the leg and head room is quite ample, and there is no need to worry about being crowded when it is fully loaded, and the floor is flat.

In terms of the trunk, the overall volume is generally 320L. However, the seat is supported to be folded down, which improves the space flexibility to a certain extent.

In terms of performance, the lithium phosphate blade battery is equipped with CTB battery integration technology to improve battery life performance and body safety attributes. The chassis is a front double wishbone with a rear multi-link suspension. There are 3 versions of pure electric cruising range, 550km, 650km, and 700km. Among them, the 550km and 700km versions are rear-mounted and rear-drive layouts, and the 650km is a dual-motor four-wheel drive, which can achieve an excellent result of 3.8 seconds per 100 kilometers. The zero-to-hundred acceleration of 550km and 700km is 7.5 seconds and 5.9 seconds, both of which are relatively excellent results.