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Dongfeng Honda M-NV
Dongfeng Honda M-NV
Dongfeng Honda M-NV
Dongfeng Honda M-NV
Dongfeng Honda M-NV

Dongfeng Honda M-NV

Dongfeng Honda M-NV
During the media day of the Guangzhou Auto Show, the small pure electric SUV Dongfeng Honda M-NV ( parameters | inquiry ) was officially launched. A total of 2 models were launched with a price range of 149,800-159,800 yuan. For detailed pricing, see the table below:
The new car belongs to the Siming brand and does not have the Honda Logo. Its body length, width and height are 4324/1785/1637mm respectively. The new car adopts a split headlight design, but a light strip is used to connect the headlight groups on both sides, creating a penetrating effect with strong visual ductility. The fog lights on both sides are also connected with chrome trim strips, which, in conjunction with the shape design of the front surround, make the fog light area look more like a dumbbell, which is quite sporty.
From the side view, the waistline design of the new car is more complicated, creating a good sense of light and shadow. The body line starts to drop from the B-pillar position, which looks more stylish. Depending on the configuration, the new car provides panoramic sunroofs, roof racks and two styles of rims for consumers to choose from. In the tail shape, the new car adopts through-type taillights, which echoes well with the front face. Due to the black background design of the taillights, the visual effect of the entire rear windshield area has been further expanded and looks more aura.
From the interior point of view, the new car adopts a full LCD instrument panel + a large central control screen design. While ensuring a sense of technology, the central control screen is surrounded by chrome decoration and is connected to the air-conditioning outlet on the right side, creating a unique The symmetrical "dumbbell" shape echoes the shape of the front face. In addition, this car adopts a new push-button shift mechanism, with a center control panel of different colors, which makes the whole car look more fashionable.
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Dongfeng Honda M-NV 2021 Still Cheng EditionDongfeng Honda M-NV 2021 Shangyi Edition
Official price149,80015.98 million
Lowest offerNo quotation to get the reserve priceNo quotation to get the reserve price
Reference price after subsidy149,80015.98 million
State subsidiesTo be investigatedTo be investigated
Staging planCar purchase in installments starting from a down payment of 0 yuanCar purchase in installments starting from a down payment of 0 yuan
Basic parameters
VendorDongfeng HondaDongfeng Honda
levelSmall SUVSmall SUV
Time to marketNov-20Nov-20
enginePure electric 163 horsepower electric motorPure electric 163 horsepower electric motor
Maximum horsepower of electric motor (PS)163163
Total motor power (kW)120120
Total torque of motor (N·m)280280
Battery charging timeFast charge: 0.5 hours, slow charge: noneFast charge: 0.5 hours, slow charge: none
Fast charging capacity (%)8080
GearboxElectric vehicle single speed gearboxElectric vehicle single speed gearbox
Body type5-door 5-seater SUV5-door 5-seater SUV
Length × width × height (mm)4324×1785×16374324×1785×1637
Wheelbase (mm)26102610
Maximum speed (km/h)140140
Battery warranty timeEight years or 150,000 kilometersEight years or 150,000 kilometers
Ministry of Industry and Information Technology's pure electric cruising range (km)480480