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Mercedes Benz EQE AUTO
Mercedes Benz EQE AUTO
Mercedes Benz EQE AUTO
Mercedes Benz EQE AUTO
Mercedes Benz EQE AUTO

Mercedes Benz EQE

Mercedes Benz EQE
AUTO Mercedes-Benz EQE channel, providing Mercedes-Benz EQE quotes, Mercedes-Benz EQE pictures and prices of Mercedes-Benz EQE on sale, all parameters of Mercedes-Benz EQE, the lowest price of Mercedes-Benz EQE articles, the latest information on Mercedes-Benz EQE maintenance cycles and costs, the most exciting car content of Mercedes-Benz EQE In EBU AUTO.
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Mercedes Benz EQE Product Configuration Parameters
 -: None ●: Yes
○: Optional ▲: To be checked
2022 Model 350 Pioneer Edition 2022 Model 350 Deluxe Edition 2022 Model 350 Special Edition 
Manufacturer:Beijing BenzBeijing BenzBeijing Benz
level:medium and large carmedium and large carmedium and large car
(electric motor)(electric motor)(electric motor)
Power type:pure electricpure electricpure electric
Integrated maximum power (kW):215215215
Comprehensive maximum torque (Nm):556556556
gearbox:1st gear fixed gear ratio1st gear fixed gear ratio1st gear fixed gear ratio
Length × width × height (mm):4969×1906×15144969×1906×15144969×1906×1514
Body structure:4-door 5-seater sedan4-door 5-seater sedan4-door 5-seater sedan
Year listed:202220222022
Maximum speed (km/h):180180180
Official 0-100km/h acceleration time (s):
Vehicle Warranty Policy:3 years unlimited kilometers3 years unlimited kilometers3 years unlimited kilometers
Body parameters
Vehicle length (mm):496949694969
Vehicle width (mm):190619061906
Vehicle height (mm):151415141514
Wheelbase (mm):312031203120
Curb weight (kg):237524102410
Front track (mm):163916341634
Rear track (mm):165016451645
Body structure:SedanSedanSedan
Number of doors:444
number of seats:555
Minimum luggage compartment volume (L):430430430
electric motor
Motor type:Permanent magnet/synchronousPermanent magnet/synchronousPermanent magnet/synchronous
Motor maximum power (kW):215215215
Motor maximum torque (Nm):556556556
The maximum power of the rear motor (kW):215215215
Rear motor maximum torque (Nm):556556556
CLTC pure electric cruising range (km):752717717
Battery energy (kWh):96.1kWh96.1kWh96.1kWh
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