Test drive Toyota bZ4X, strong technology, capable of off-road, full of sincerity!

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The steering wheel must have a heating function, so that it is not so cold when driving. Yes, the GAC Toyota bZ4X (picture| configuration | inquiry ) for this test drive was arranged for us. Very friendly.

I won’t say much about the word-of-mouth of GAC Toyota in the domestic auto market over the years. It is obvious to all that its products are also favored by consumers, with high value retention rate, fuel-efficient, durable and other characteristics that are definitely deeply rooted in the hearts of the people. If there is a new car launched on the market, it must attract everyone's attention. What's more, it is the first pure electric bZ4X under GAC Toyota. Pulled to the fullest!

Let me talk about the basic situation of the bZ4X first. It is built on the Toyota e-TNGA pure electric platform and provides two drive layouts: front-wheel drive and four-wheel drive. The front-wheel drive version is equipped with a permanent magnet synchronous motor with a power of 150kW; The four-wheel drive version of the new model adopts the configuration of front and rear dual motors, the power of the motors is 80kW, and the comprehensive power of the system is 160kW.

In terms of battery life, bZ4X uses a ternary lithium battery jointly developed by Toyota and Ningde Times. According to different power configurations, the cruising range under CLTC conditions is 400km (entry model), 615km (front-wheel drive version), and 560km (four-wheel drive version). entry version) and 500km (four-wheel drive top configuration).

One more thing to say here is that the cruising range of GAC Toyota bZ4X has a certain redundant design. After the cruising range is 0, there is still a stock, and the vehicle can still continue to drive for 20-40 kilometers. This is mainly based on two considerations: ①Prevent the battery from being completely depleted before recharging to protect the service life of the battery; ②In order to prevent the driver from suddenly running out of power while driving on the expressway, Toyota designers are investigating the basis of China's high-speed distance (exit about every 30 kilometers) First, leave a certain margin in the battery life to ensure that when the driver's meter shows that the battery life is 0, he can drive out of the high speed without anxiety.

In addition, GAC Toyota bZ4X is also equipped with a high-efficiency solar charging dome, which can "call" when basking in the sun. The annual power generation can be used for vehicles to travel about 1750km, which is converted to an average of about 5km per day, which helps to increase the cruising range.

Let’s talk about the test drive experience. The GAC Toyota bZ4X equipped with dual motors responds very sensitively at the start, and the power output is very direct. With the deepening of the electric door pedal, the speed of the vehicle increases very quickly. Very neat and crisp. What I want to say here is that many people will feel a little dizzy when driving a pure electric car or riding an electric car at a high speed, but bZ4X does not have this feeling when driving, and the overall linear acceleration performance will not make people feel uncomfortable at all. .

Moreover, the suspension of bZ4X adopts the front McPherson independent suspension and the rear E-type multi-link independent suspension. When driving, the chassis feels very stable, and the tuning is very solid. The degree of inclination and the dynamic response when exiting a corner will not feel floating, which can give people more driving confidence.

Another part that surprised me is that the bZ4X is equipped with the X-MODE four-wheel drive system jointly developed with Subaru. Generally, pure electric SUV models rarely emphasize off-road performance, but bZ4X provides SNOW/DIRT (snow Snow/Mud) and D.SNOW/MUD (deep snow/mud), equipped with the newly developed Grip-Control intelligent crawling mode, has powerful escape performance and passing performance, and can conquer various complex road conditions.

In addition, bZ4X also has enough sincerity in configuration. The 12.3-inch intelligent multimedia navigation system supports face ID recognition, "Hello, Xiaoyue" intelligent voice interaction, etc. The car-machine system is very sensitive and responsive. very quickly. At the same time, the entire bZ4X series is equipped with Toyota's latest and most complete TSS 3.0 Zhixing safety system, which has industry-leading assisted driving capabilities.

There is also the smart parking package, equipped with 4 PVM cameras and 12 ultrasonic radars, which improve the recognition performance around the vehicle. The intelligent parking assistant supports up to 6 parking methods and can store up to 3 parking spaces. It also provides a wealth of functional options such as remote control parking and custom parking. "Very convenient.

Finally, let’s talk about the important part of bZ4X as an SUV model, that is, the space performance that domestic consumers attach great importance to. The wheelbase of this car has reached 2850mm, which is the same as the Highlander, and the rear space is as long as 1000mm. Belonging in this class is very good. The author's actual riding experience is also very good, with sufficient legroom and headroom, strong household attributes, and very high practicability.

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The book data can be recorded, the technology configuration is strong enough, and it also has good off-road capabilities. In terms of battery life, whether it is long-distance driving or daily commuting, it is more than enough. The bZ4X pure electric SUV has really brought us quite a lot of surprises. Behind it is GAC Toyota's good reputation in the domestic auto market for many years as support. I believe it can shine in the market, we will wait and see.