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【Qin PLUS DM-i】BYD-Qin PLUS DM-i offer-Qin PLUS DM-i picture-EBU AUTO

After the launch of the 2023 Champion Edition model, the price threshold of Qin PLUS DM-i has been lowered again from the previous 113,800 yuan, and the official drop has reached 14,000 yuan. This is the price of a Lavida and Sylphy in the joint venture A-class sedan market. And it's the price of an old car. At such a price, the core machinery of the vehicle has not undergone any downgrading and adjustments. It is still equipped with Xiaoyun-a 1.5L engine for plug-in hybrids, coupled with an E-CVT continuously variable transmission mechanism, a front electric motor, and a blade battery pack for plug-in hybrids. , the former provides a maximum power of 132kW and a maximum torque of 316N m, which can help the vehicle break through a hundred in 7.9 seconds. At the same time, such an entry-level model still has a NEDC pure electric battery life of 55km, and its fuel consumption is only 4.6L/100km.

At the same time, Qin PLUS DM-i also provides a 120km battery life version. Its motor will have a maximum power of 145kW and a maximum torque of 325N m. While breaking through 100 in 7.3 seconds, the fuel consumption of the feed is also maintained at 4.6L/100km . Such zero-hundred acceleration capability and fuel consumption level have obvious advantages no matter which best-selling A-class joint venture family sedan is placed in front of it.

Of course, Qin PLUS DM-i still made a sacrifice. In order to optimize the power layout and the space of the cockpit, although the vehicle has a large body of 4765/1837/1495mm and an A+-level wheelbase of 2718mm, its chassis is The combination of the front MacPherson and the rear trailing arm torsion beam is adopted, the overall control is mediocre, and the stability and comfort of the body can only be emphasized.

Jump out of the core machinery and return to the intuitive vision and driving direction of the vehicle. The reason why Qin PLUS DM-i can attract consumers is not only the credit of DM-i, but also the stepping stone of this design. The design language of Dragon Face has entered a new generation. The car logo inlaid in official script on the metal sash looks very advanced, while the front bumper will have a small spoiler layer, and the English character logo at the rear will appear through-type The overall effect of the taillights is not only high-end, but also has a sporty side.

The same is true for the interior design. Whether the T-shaped center console is a 10.1-inch or 12.8-inch rotating large-screen version, with a large number of painted buttons on both sides of the electronic gear handle, the operation is more convenient. What's more, the strip-shaped painted decorative panels on the center console, the surround of dark and light contrasting colors, and the fully covered leather sports-style seats, etc., also echo the sense of luxury that is similar to the appearance.

The DiLink intelligent network connection system equipped on the rotating large screen not only supports real-time navigation, car KTV and other functions, but also can operate air conditioners and sunroofs through voice. In addition to operating car doors, car lights and other accessories, the mobile APP can also query parking spaces and obtain car owner services. etc.

In terms of ride comfort, the seats can also be upgraded to electric adjustment of the front row with heating function, the air-conditioning system with independent air outlets for the rear seats can also be upgraded with dual-temperature zone control, and the interior of the cabin can be improved by car atmosphere lights and electric sunroofs. atmosphere. In terms of other configurations, Qin PLUS DM-i does not have many advanced accessories, but it can get wireless charging board, NFC digital key and DiPilot assisted driving system with panoramic image + blind spot warning. After all, it is still a car, so The specification is actually enough.