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Tesla Model Y

Model Y
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Real shot Tesla Model Y top configuration, 361,900, has 615km battery life, and can break through 100 kilometers in 3.7 seconds

According to previous data, Tesla Model Y ( picture | configuration | inquiry ) is worthy of being one of the best-selling models in the domestic new energy SUV market, and even ranks high in the entire new energy market. For example, the data in 2022 shows that the cumulative sales volume of Model Y exceeds 315,000. Although it is not as good as Song PLUS as a whole, it can be considered that the price of the car is higher. It is more expensive than many joint venture medium-sized SUVs, so it is surprising to achieve such a result.

What exactly is the Tesla Model Y based on? We are no strangers to this model, because such a high sales volume also means that it is very common on the market, and it is completely a"street car". Today's real shooting configuration is the 2022 Performance high-performance all-wheel drive version. As a top-of-the-line model, what product highlights does it have? For consumers with a car purchase budget of around 360,000, what reason makes everyone recognize it more?

Let’s first look at the dynamic part that matches the name. Since it dares to claim high performance, it means that the power is very good, and this Model Y adopts dual standby at the front and rear, with a combined system power of 357kW and a maximum torque of 659N m. It only takes 3.7 seconds and the top speed can reach 250km/h. In the SUV market of less than 400,000 yuan, there are not many models that can directly compare with it. It deserves the title of high performance, and this configuration has a pure electric battery life of 615km under CLTC conditions. Calculated based on the daily driving mileage of 50km, it can be charged for one month. Three times is enough.

Next, look at the design. Tesla Model Y adopts the brand family language. Because of its positioning, it looks similar to Model 3. Like the front face, the closed center grille and the lower air intake grille can bring a good sense of movement and fashion, and the familiar LED headlights also just echo the outline of the front face, and the overall recognition is no problem.

Coming to the side of the car body, the multi-section waistline is matched with a more obvious slip-back roof, and the sporty atmosphere is well reflected. In addition, there are frameless doors and hidden door handles that young consumers like, which further enhance the sense of class and future. . It is worth mentioning that the high-performance version will also use 21-inch wheels, which not only have more exaggerated visual effects, but also guarantee the stability at high speeds. As for the specific size data, Model Y can only be regarded as normal at this level. The length, width and height of 4750*1921*1624mm and the wheelbase of 2890mm are not a big problem in meeting the space requirements.

Then we got into the car. Although the appearance of Model Y is mainly fashionable and sporty, the central control area still wants to create some luxurious atmosphere, so we saw the application of wood grain veneer, but in fact the effect is average, because the interior is too simple . Except for the 15-inch floating LCD screen in the center console, there are basically no other bright spots, and Model Y, like Model 3, cancels the traditional instrument panel, and many car owners have spent a long time getting used to it.

As for the functional configuration, the active and passive safety system is quite complete, and the L2 level can be reached, but if you want a higher level, you need to choose it, and the price is not low, so most people will not consider it. The comfort configuration is average, the front seats are only heated, the rear seats can only be adjusted by the backrest, and even the ambient light is still monochrome, which is a pity for a new energy model at this price.

Summary: The Model Y that has achieved excellent results is not perfect, but for models at the same price, it is difficult to pick out any shortcomings after comprehensive brand influence. After all, most of the competing products at this price are from new forces.