How to choose a small SUV? Honda e: NS1 has a range of 420 kilometers + stylish design! Is it worth it?

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How to choose a small SUV? Honda e: NS1 has a range of 420 kilometers + stylish design! Is it worth it?

How to choose a small SUV? It is also very important to have an economical and practical mobility car when rushing around at work every day, especially in the city, where the traffic flow and the flow of people are relatively large, so most consumers will consider a smaller car, except for the convenience of parking. , the car cost is also relatively low.

  • Today we bring you the Honda e: NS1. This car is positioned as a pure electric small SUV. There are currently 4 models on sale. The subsidized price range is 175,000 to 218,000. Let's take a look at this. How is the performance of the car? Is it worth having?
Honda e:NS1
Minimum selling price: From 175,000

Evaluation model: 2022 e Chi version (the price after subsidies is 189,000)

Appearance part

In terms of appearance, it continues the family-style design style as a whole. The front face adopts a closed grille design. The headlights on both sides are sharp in shape and appear narrow and long. The car logo stands in the middle. The air intake is on a horizontal line, and the visual sense is good. The side of the body is outlined by raised lines. The looming design is quite dynamic. Privacy glass is added to the rear window. It is worth mentioning that the 18-inch multi-frame type is used. The wheel hub design looks delicate from a distance, and the tail is full of shape. It adopts a through-type LED taillight group design, and the interior is treated with blackening. It lights up beautifully at night, and the lower part is wrapped in black.

Honda e:NS1
Minimum selling price: From 175,000

interior design

In terms of interior, the T-shaped layout is adopted, the interior is mainly black, and white chrome trims are added to embellish the details, which has a good sense of sophistication. It is wrapped in soft material, and the texture is good. The steering wheel is made of leather, which supports up and down + front and rear adjustment functions. It is also equipped with a 10.25-inch full LCD instrument panel and a 15.1-inch central control screen. Built-in navigation system, mobile phone interconnection mapping, car networking , OTA upgrade, voice recognition control system, Wi-Fi hotspot, road rescue service and other functions.

Configuration section

Internal configuration: car ETC, push-button electronic gear shift, steering wheel adjustment paddles, manual 4-way steering wheel, full LCD instrument panel, front makeup mirror lighting and other configurations.

Safety configuration: Forward Collision Warning, Active Braking System, Lane Departure Warning, Lane Keeping Assist, Road Traffic Sign Recognition, Reversing Side Warning, Parallel Assist, Six Airbags, Body Stability System, etc.

Driving/assistance configuration: full-speed adaptive cruise, reversing image, rear reversing radar, automatic parking, electronic handbrake, uphill assist, driving mode selection and other configurations.

spatial expressiveness

The dimensions of the whole vehicle are: 4390mm, 1790mm, 1560mm, and the wheelbase is 2610mm. It is positioned in a small SUV. The seat is made of imitation leather, and it feels very comfortable to sit in the back row. The backrest angle adjustment function, the rear seat supports a 40:60 ratio reclining, my friend is 1.74 meters tall, but he is overweight, there is still a little more than two punches in the remaining leg space in the back seat, and there is still room for the head after sitting upright There are still about four and a half fingers, and the author thinks that the spatial expression is not bad.

power part

In terms of power, it is equipped with a 182-horsepower permanent magnet synchronous motor with a total motor power of 134 kW and a total motor torque of 310 N m. It is equipped with a ternary lithium battery with a battery capacity of 53.6 kWh and a fast charge of 0.67 hours. , slow charge for 9 hours, the pure electric cruising range is 420 kilometers, the official average power consumption per 100 kilometers is 13.6 kWh, the transmission is matched with the electric vehicle single-speed gearbox, and the chassis is matched with the former McPherson type independent suspension and rear trailing arm torsion beam type non-independent suspension.

write at the end

Through the evaluation, it is known that the overall performance of this car is good, the appearance design is fashionable, the body size is balanced, the parking is convenient, the interior design is exquisite, and the cruising range of 420 kilometers is enough for home use, but as a consumer, Choose the one that suits you best, what do you think? You are welcome to comment below!

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